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The Smart Poly Fest was held on 31st Jan 2018.  This event was organised by INDT to increase the awareness of the Smart Poly projects and initiatives in SP among Staff and Students.

Mr Tan Peng Ann, Senior Director ADM, gave the welcome speech highlighting the smart technology projects undertaken by the Smart Poly group.

Mr Jonathan Tan from UnaBiz was invited as the keynote speaker for the event to give a talk on “Massive IoT with Sigfox”.  Jonathan gave the audience an idea of the current capabilities of the IoT technology and also a glimpse of exciting future developments of this technology.

Mr Loh Gin Chye, Director INDT, gave the audience a sneak preview of new “SP Mobile App” in his talk, where he spoke about the developments of SP Mobile from the beginnings to the new app that will be released soon.

The third speaker of the seminar was Mr Steven Tok from EDU.  He spoke about “Interactive Simulations for Skills-Based Learning”, where he presented the approach to using Articulate 360 software to develop low-cost simulations for Smart Teaching & Learning.

A prize presentation for the 3rd Smart Poly FYP Challenge Award was carried out for the top 3 winners of the competition. 
The winning projects were (1) Smart Energy and Sensing Network for a Smart Clubhouse (Gold),
(2) Phoro (Silver) and (3) Mimosa (Bronze).

After the talk was completed, the guests were invited to Library Colours for an exhibition of the Smart Poly projects in SP.  The display panels included projects from Staff and Students.

Smart Technology Project Exhibits
The smart technology projects undertaken by the Smart Poly group were on display at Main Library, Level 2 till 20th February 2018.  If you have missed the exhibition, you may refer to the panels in this article.


New SP Mobile App (INDT)
Library Occupancy Map Using Wireless Analytics (LIB)
Phoro – An Indoor Navigation App with iBeacons (DMIT)
Smart Room Booking System (LIB)
Creating Interactive Simulations Using eLearning Authoring Software
for Skills-based Learning (EDU)
Location-based Announcement Using iBeacon Devices (LIB)

Smart Poly FYP Challenge Exhibits
The following 3 panels are winning projects of Smart Poly FYP Challenge Award 2017. The following is a video showing the winning projects of Smart Poly FYP Challenge Award 2017, as well as their accompanying panels explaining their project.

Mimosa – Bronze award
Phoro – Silver award
Smart Energy and Sensing Network for a Smart Clubhouse – Gold award

Some other student projects which also contributed to Smart Poly vision.

Virtual SP – UAV 3D Reconstruction for Industrial Applications
Autonomous Assistive Robot