About Us


The Singapore Polytechnic Memory Project (SPMP) is an institutional initiative to collect and preserve the stories and memories of our polytechnic community. They will be avai​lable online for us and our future generations to read, discover, enjoy and appreciate our past and rich heritage.

We are building our collection of stories as we prepare for the celebration of our 60th Anniversary in 2014. Our target is to collect stories, pictures and videos from staff, students, alumni members and from anyone who may have been associated with the Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

By this collective effort, we will also be contributing to the Singapore Memory Project, a nation-wide project spearheaded by the National Library Board to showcase the history and memories of our nation.


Project Aims

With your help and contribution, we hope to:

  • Engage the SP community to contribute their personal stories and memories to our institutional memory
  • Develop and foster a sense of heritage, identity and belonging to SP
  • Evoke a sense of pride in SP and foster community spirit and bonding
  • Share experiences, memorable encounters, defining moments
  • Celebrate our achievements and inspire everyone
  • Connect everyone as one big SP Family and let our memories be a talking point for different generations


How You can Contribute

We invite everyone in SP – students and staff (including former staff) and alumni members to submit your stories, photos or videos to Facebook or to our website

Your stories can be about your student life, working life, colleagues or lecturers, memorable encounters or achievements, community projects, sports, activities and events you enjoyed, favourite haunts, favourite food, campus environment, etc.

For stories, photos and videos, please include a title, year or period, and a brief description or caption.

Submissions will have your name acknowledged when they are published in our website and any other platforms.


Your Contribution Matters

Your story will make a positive impact and difference to our staff, students, alumni and future generations to come.

Be part of this meaningful, heart warming and enriching SP Memory Project. Why not start it now?

 Every day is a memory. 

Be in the SP Story

 Thank you for your contribution!


Should you have any queries or wish to contact the SPMP team, please email us at myspmemories@sp.edu.sg