We are the World Trade Centre 7

SF Wales Ong SB 13Feb

We enrolled into the then SP Civil Engineering & Building Department in 1998 and we were active members of SP Civil Engineering and Building Club management committee. We went through thick and thin together. Today, we are still connected, collaborating in various ways and helping out one another to achieve success in our work and Read More

A different route…


We were very different from the mainstream students that typically joined SP. We joined after our National Service (for the guys) with “A” levels and we started our course in SP from Year 2. We were, in 1982, the first batch of “A” level students that SP took in. This SP initiative gave many of Read More

My SPecial SP Photography Contest


The photography contest begins on 6 January 2014 and ends on 7 March 2014. The Competition is organised by Singapore Polytechnic.

Theme of Competition

The theme for the Competition is “My SPecial SP“. Participants are to send in photo entries that represent or capture:

SPecial times – good times in SP, memorable events, Read More

Librarians turned firefighters


On 8 Nov 2013, a strange phenomenon swept through the Library, Innovillage and T4 blocks. Instead of sitting at their desks and listening to lectures, students were moving quickly out of their classrooms and heading towards the car park at Innovillage. In the library, students were rushing out, some even leaving their precious laptops behind. Read More

Rare opportunities in life


These days, the paths to success are diverse and many. Singapore Polytechnic alone offers forty-nine diplomas, each well-suited to helping students achieve their dreams. However, that was not the case half a decade ago when education in Singapore was just starting to find its footing.

Here, Tan Koh Kew, graduate from Read More

A journey back

photo of Ken Choo with Chan Choy Ling Nov 2013 Choy Ling Retirement Gathering at SP copy_edit

Formerly a practicing architect in the industry with his own small company and then a senior lecturer at the School of Architecture and Built Environment, Ken is now Director of the Department of Student Development. Ken credits his impressive resume to SP, for he was once a student of SP himself, having graduated from the Read More

Poly 50: A race to remember


Muscles straining, sweat pouring down their faces, breath coming raggedly, the runners speed up, feet pounding the ground and the crowd rises with a thunderous roar. Beneath their feet, the ground is so hot they can feel it burn; above them, the blazing sun scorches their skin. Yet, their eyes remain fixed determinedly Read More

Can you smell it?


CASS Senior Lecturer Gamar Abdul Aziz believes, regardless of how much information you can Google about a place, you will never really know it until you are there and you can smell it. She recently led a Creative Writing Study Tour to Melbourne and she shares what technology can and cannot do to enhance Read More

A lifetime in SP (part 3)

Pre-sea July 95

From student to lecturer, Nantha’s journey with SP took another turn when he became Section Head of Nautical Studies in 1991 and then Deputy Director of the Singapore Maritime Academy in 2007. In the final instalment of his story, Nantha tell us about his life in management.

What were some challenges you faced being in Read More

A lifetime in SP (part 2)

003 001

Nantha’s life with SP didn’t end with his graduation from the Pre-sea Course. In fact, he returned to SP several times to obtain his various Certificates of Competency before joining as a lecturer in the School of Nautical Studies in 1985. Here, Nantha tells us all about life after the Pre-sea Course.

What did you Read More